Game Description:

Tower Trouble is a free-avoider game. Tower Trouble is an endless runner-style game where you aren’t just running you’re flying, and you’re striving for a better life somewhere higher in the sky. Flap your wings and set your sights high in this epic avoider game where you will be dodging spikes, avoiding flame, ducking lasers, and side-stepping cannonballs. You will find out how far you can go and it may surprise you. In this game, all you have to rely on is your ability to fly and your reflexes. There are no upgrades you can buy, no coins to collect, and there is nothing you can do but survive. Your life is your prize, the distance you run is your only accomplishment. This is a simple and straightforward endless runner game that you will avoid from the first second of play until your very last. Do you think you have what it takes to become the ultimate firefly? Prove it in Tower Trouble, the ultimate endless runner game.

Game Instruction:

On a desktop computer click on your mouse and hold it in order to take control of the firefly, then move the mouse in order to dodge the various obstacles. On a mobile device, the point of the game is the same but you’re pointing with your finger and tapping.

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